Wyoming Articles of Incorporation Amendment

Your corporation’s Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State in order to form and register your company with the state. This document remains on file with the Secretary of State throughout the life of your corporation. Sometimes a business will want to change the information on their Articles. This is done by filing an amendment.

An amendment should not be confused with a correction, which is filed in the event that something within your Articles is in error.

The following information is included in your Articles and can be amended:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Mailing address of the corporation
  • Principal address of the corporation
  • Number and class of authorized shares

The Corporation Articles of Amendment should be mailed to the Wyoming Secretary of State. There is a $50 filing fee.

Mail your amendment to the following address:

Wyoming Secretary of State
State Capitol Building, Room 110
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

The amendment will be processed roughly within a week, and a stamped copy will be sent to you through the mail.

What You Can’t Amend

You cannot change your registered agent with an amendment. You must instead file a Change of Registered Agent form.

You cannot change the original incorporators. You can only make a Correction to the Articles if there is inaccurate information concerning the incorporators.

Making an Update

Wyoming also offers an Update Form which can be used to change your corporation’s principal or mailing address.